Blog? Why? Write for what?

So, I am writing my first ever blog here. Well, I am still a newbie so don’t expect something from my page. All my thoughts, encounters or just plain shit in prints. Bear with me please, you may find this a waste of time but its all of me. 

I have accounts in instagram, twitter,, facebook and tumblr but I only post ‘atm’ thoughts so this is a big step for me to make because I need to think through about what I will write before I publish them.

I write to release emotions, to share what I experienced and to just be myself. 
Nothing more. Nothing less.
I am not what you expected me to be so don’t put me in a box.

You may ask why ‘Filling in the blank spaces in between..’
Hmm, this is a quote from “The Witch of Portobello” by Paulo Coelho. 

Basically, I just want to fill in those blank spaces to complete me. 

Who I am.

 So expect the unexpected especially to those who ‘know’ me because I will be turning your thoughts of me upside down. 


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