Seize it.

They said that numbers of opportunities come your way if you know how to do a lot of things, especially when you excel in them. I mean, if you are very intellectual, you can create things with your hands, you can perform or speak publicly, or you are just better at everything. People will admire you and many organizations will chase you to be part of their business. But what if you are not like what I mentioned above? Like me, an average lady who can just do average things. Will there be any chances for us to be liked by people and be pursued by companies?

In my younger age, I did not have any interest in joining extra curricular activities in school because I was too afraid to get rejected. We all know that during this formative years, exploration of abilities is very crucial. This is the time where we will discover what we are good at. Apparently, I did not have this chance because fear crept inside me. It continued until my first year in secondary school. 
Oh, secondary school, the time of honing the skills I should have found out when I was still little.

Anyway, my quest of getting aware of what I can do started when I transferred to a public school in our place. My teachers showed confidence on the things that they thought I can accomplish. I was so afraid during the process of attaining their expectations.

I joined school clubs and organizations, represented bunch of students and classes, met leaders from other schools, attended conferences and seminars and so on.

With these things, I realized that I can lead people. I am not saying that I am good at it, I just can.
During my vocational years, I tried hosting for several occasions. Up to know, I still don’t know why my instructor asked me to host couple of events. I was not even good at speaking in front of people, particularly up on stage! But yeah, thanks to him who believed in me, I can now talk to a group of people or just anybody.

With my teachers ‘believing’ in me and ‘setting a good example’ to my fellow students, I changed my habit of studying. I started reading school books, answered homeworks with 2-3 references, submitted projects and just what the typical ‘good’ student-leader must do. Well, i excelled in class. Brought home a few medals and certificates. Hey, I am not saying that I am brainy, I just made an effort to gain what I earned. I just can excel in academics because I spent some extra time for it.

In college, I still remained in representing my block but this was the time I tried being physical. I signed up in a varsity club as I wanted to know my capacity in sports. Then I realized that I like doing physical activities such as running, playing sports– badminton, table tennis and volleyball. I am not claiming that I play these sports better than anybody else I just strived to attend trainings and practice up to my extent.

My father is very good at arts. He can do letter art and drawing. So as I grow up, I tried imitating what he does (even doing technical things that involves television, connecting jacks from one appliance to another etc). Now, I can say that I can draw and do letter art. I am even trying to paint and making some arts and crafts (for work). But don’t expect that I am like other famous artists, I just can do it. With a lot of practice, video tutorials, and a lot of practice, I can create things that are appealing to my eyes. 

We have a small canteen at home and my mother is the cook so I always eat good food. Yes, I love to eat. It comforts me. Other than that, thanks to her I learned and still learning how to cook even if I was too lazy to help her. I am just grateful that I can cook for myself and I don’t depend my hunger to others. I cook to satisfy my taste buds. 

I grew up in a family where my parents and relatives like to sing, with that, I can read words with accompanying music. I joined church choir for several years and continued singing wherever and whenever I feel like it.

It boosts my confidence as I can use it for my work but remember I sound best when I am alone singing my heart out. 

Dancing? Yes, I can dance to the beat and most of my movements are basic locomotor and non locomotor. I am not that bad, I am not that good too. I just can shake my body. Especially when nobody’s around.

As a child, I dreamt of becoming a mermaid. I would wrap my legs with a towel and pretend swimming. However, as I grow up my fins and scales didn’t come out but it did not hinder me from doing what I like, swimming. I know how to swim but the basics, no idea. So to be skillful in this area, I enrolled myself in a swimming lesson. It is still on going and I am learning the basics. 

Musical instruments are my frustrations. I want to play them and become a one-woman band. Just kidding! But really, its one of my desires. I practiced before and some people even tried helping me but I still need some more time to call myself a guitarist. But I am thinking of learning how to play other musical instruments. 

To sum up, I don’t do things better than anybody else. I cannot even think of anything that I can say that I am best at. I do things in average but I make sure I will give my all. I will give time and effort to do it. I strive to learn things even if it will cost me time, money and energy.

Fame? Admiration? Number one choice of companies? Oh, I think it don’t matter anymore. What important is the process we went through to become who we are today. Yes, we can make them as our external motivation to be better at anything but it is our inner drive that will push us to devote serious effort in acquiring knowledge and skills. 

For opportunities, it is us who make them. If we open ourselves to explore and discover out of the box, they will come to us overflowing. Let us just open our heart and don’t fear. 

At the end of the day, it is us who will feel contented and satisfied on how we seize every opportunity we made and how we spend our lives to the fullest.


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