Er, Some Things Changed

Yes, they have totally turned into something I never expected  – Thoughts and Privacy.

People around me know how private I am as a person. I don’t like sharing my deepest thoughts especially my intimate emotions to anybody. Even to those who are very close to me, I seldom share to them what I feel. 

I only voice out myself whenever I feel that I am needed to speak out or if my opinion is being asked. I solely speak for myself that I only share about the things that I think people can relate to.

My friends are used to hearing inspirational thoughts from me, and I believe that they are objectively stated. Yes, I always make sure that these opinions are written in a way that most people can connect to. I don’t know but I have this characteristic of always aiming to help other people — saving people.

So starting today, I will be blogging about topics about how I enjoy life under Heads Up, emotions that I only keep to my self in Letters To Burn, Itchy Feet about my travel  getaways and Physically Engaged with stories of activities that I have been longing to try.

What made me do this?

I want to know if the idea of sharing my experiences to the public through writing will help me boost my confidence and make me see my improvements after several write-ups. Also, I would like to know if blogging is for me, I want to try things so I would know what I am capable of. I want to express myself through words and not to please others.

Basically, the compilation will be in Tagalog (Filipino Dialect) and English.

Let’s see what will happen next. All the best.

Smile and always choose to L-O-V-E







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