How do you feel when you stop yourself from posting something because you don’t want the other person to read it?

You want to express your thoughts through social media but you restricted yourself because you don’t want the person who caused  the emotions you are feeling right now will  read it and comment about it. You don’t want to hear that person saying that you are just being dramatic and over reacting about things. That you are acting nonsense and there’s no point on doing certain ways. 

And then,while you are keeping the emotions to yourself, there is that human being so free to do whatever he wants and write anything he feels. Considering only himself, justifying that he don’t care about what other people will say or feel.

It is quite unfair how you accept all the captions that probably hurt you and the only thing you can do is keep your mouth shut and pretend that you are not affected at all. Then, just continue what you were doing together even if you are feeling upset.

It is just kind of suffocating keeping everything to yourself because you are afraid that you will get judged or you will not like what you will hear once you share it to someone. It is hard to cover up the strings of emotions piercing through you.


Think of this..

You are complaining how unfair the situation is. How suffocating it is to limit yourself from expressing whats in your mind. And thinking how selfish that person was for being inconsiderate of his actions. 

However, if you would think it through, it is his right to do whatever he wants as long as he is not hurting anybody on purpose and he is speaking for himself. Also, it is your prerogative to decide how you are going to respond in that kind of scenario. 

It all depends on how you will react. Blaming other people, because you believe that they are holding you back to tell what you really feel, will only bring bad vibes to you and you will just end up resenting that person even more. Another is, your time will just get wasted for being narrow-minded.

Actually, you can choose not to be affected. You may feel a bit hurt but let it stay for a while. Don’t let yourself drown into every effin word that person says, don’t absorb it too much that it makes you unproductive. 

Don’t let what you feel dictate your actions. 

Honestly, that person doesn’t care at all to what you will say, or worst to what you will feel. So why bother to what his response will be. 

Being kind is one thing to consider when you want to express yourself, when you want to react on certain things. 

So when you express yourself, make sure that you only state your own opinion, you will not drop names and you will be fair enough as you lay down your thoughts. 

Rudeness will not make you feel better, it will make you regret that you acted that way. 

Keep in mind that the way you react reflects your personality as a person. Don’t stoop down to a lower level just because you are hurt. Keep your standards on the level where you set it. Because how you voice-out your concerns relies how other people will treat you.

One more thing, it is not their fault that you are affected and hurt, it is you who made you feel like that. Because you chose it, you decided to keep your thoughts with you. Nobody told you to shut your mouth, shut your mind. It was you, who did that to yourself.

Controlling how your mind and heart work is a tough decision to make and takes a lot of practice to endure anything, everything. 

But its worth it. 
You will be able to live your life accordingly because you wouldn’t need to give a *toot* to every single thing. 


So, no matter how tough it may be it will always be best to just brush it off and be happy.

Smile and always choose to L-O-V-E



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