Don’t look at her..

Do not cage her with the memories you had with her, you saw in her, you experienced from her.

Dont look at her in the corner of your eyes, checking if she is fine. She is. You don’t need to worry about her, she is braver than you think. She can be alone and she is not scared. She will be able to live life-like how she wanted it to be.

Don’t look at her with your pinned eyebrows, thinking that she is a monster. She was. And now, she is tamed. She no longer see any reason in breathing fire to those who are worthless.

Dont look at her with your judging eyes, as if she has no right to change. She has. She is more capable of what you think, of what you knew about her. She is more than what your eyes can see.

She is a free entity that changes from time to time. She’s becoming a better person. Inner peace is growing. She is discovering herself every now and then, how beautiful her soul is.

If you cannot change your perspective about her, don’t look at her.



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