Poetry #5: Indecisive

You want to care

But you are afraid

You want to hold my hand

But scared that I might squeeze it hard

I'm always in your mind

But you shake it off all the time

You write messages

But you tap backspace instead of send

I remind you of a lot of things

But you choose to cover your eyes

You want me to care for you

But frightened with the thought that I do

You hear my voice even if I'm not around

So you try to sing louder in the crowd

You get annoyed with my presence

But looks for me in my absence

You pull me next to you

Then pushes me back away too

You want me to talk to you

But ignores me like you always do

You told me you want me back

But shows me that you are hesitant

You don't know if you love me

Or just comfortable, I see

So with this, 
let me tell you that..

I only want the best for you

With me or somebody else

Just take care of yourself,ok?

Treat 'you' how my love will do.


21:26 | 10.11.2016


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