Birthday Poem

“October 11, 2013
Happy Birthday BBL!

Happy Birthday my Love
Another year to be thankful
More moments to be grateful
Thank God for extending your life.

Cherish every moment whenever you can
For time lost could never be regained but if every second is spent with quality
Memory of it lasts for eternity.

Remember to always aim to be better
Its okay to be mediocre but dont settle for it
Theres always a season for everything
Sometimes you need to stay down, to be avarage and to be up.

Always wear your confidence
Try to be as good as you would want others to be
Always try to be selfless and generous
From there, your life would be stupendous.

Happy Birthday Baby ☺️❤️ I love you! ❤️

Much love,
Baby 😜”

Birthday Poem that I can’t still delete.

I can still hear your voice within

I can still feel all the emotions in it

Words with your every heartbeat.



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