Poetry #8: Frequent

(How often I erase people in my life.)

People I met-
who used to be so close,
In my heart-
I try to scrape them off.


People who did me wrong-
I can't forget.
In my mind-
their faults will never die.

People who I looked up to
but disgraced me
In my eyes-
they turned into ashes.

People who inflicted pain-
on purpose or not
In my head-
cursing them over and over.


Their names
will be carved off.
Even if scars remain
as long as they fade away.

Memories of them
will be shaded or even deleted.
'Coz they are not worth
the space in my head.


I'm grateful for the pain
'coz it made me stronger each day
But it doesn't mean
that they get to stay.

Anything related 
will be buried at night,
with closed eyes 
and in unknown site.

So I will no longer see,
I will not be reminded of,
and I will be free from
all their sins.

02:18 | 20.11.2016

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