Poetry #8: Look Up

You shine in the dark
You sparkle in the night
Why does it have to be black
So you can twinkle in the sky

You travel up high
And burst into the sky
Why do you need to explode
For your colours to unhide

You squeeze yourself in
And wait for a long time
Why do you need to suffer
Just to spread your wings over

Heavy rains and loud thunders
Thick dark clouds cover
Why do you have to endure all these
In order to unveil your hues

With all these, you must know
It may be hard and full of sorrow
In the end it will show your beauty
Just hold on and never let go

All the things that adhere
Is the result of overcoming fear
Just keep your faith, my dear
Your eyes will soon clear.

22:22 | 21.11.2016

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