Poetry #7: Opposites

Ordinary is boring
 So you act like crazy
You yell in libraries
You keep quiet in parties

White and black
They are better together
Like you and me
We are meant for each other

Things in contrast
Why do we like it so much?
Like our ideals
They are mismatched

Is it better if its odd?
Because norm is not?
Is peculiarity the best?
Just to stand out of the rest?

Why are we so amaze
To the things that is like a maze?
Why are we so anxious
To objects that are plain and serious?

Be one of a kind, they say
But sometimes the differences
Push us away
From one another's senses

Unconciously, we strive
For suffering and bribe
We seek attention
Our willingness to self-devotion

But are we satisfied
With what we have?
Bizaare is what we set
Standard of our interest

These thoughts made my mind
There is no need to doubt
Strange or not
Compliment each others' craft.

21:46 | 21.11.2016

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