Poetry #11: Slowly but Surely

You agreed once I asked you
To be my confidante whenever I feel blue
To be always there
As I journey life with you

On top of the building
I saw a true friend in you
So i took all my guts
To raise a question to be your bestfriend too

You have seen my ups and downs
My greatest and worst somehow
You made me feel I have somebody
Especially when I feel alone and unworthy

You make yourself available
When I have so many stories to tell
You lend your hand to me
When I need to accomplish a lot of things

You embodied strength, calmness and thriftiness
You showed me how to take things slowly but surely
You showed me that it's ok not to have all
And acquire only what we need to go on

You never left my side
And always hear my silent cries
You compliment my craft
And genuinely critic when I ask

You appreciate the things I do 
Even if you feel annoyed
You never cease to understand
Even if it cause you sorrow and pain

You keep your lips tight
And seal my secrets inside
As well as your thoughts when your hurt
But your eyes tell when you're sad or irked

I know that you have your own life 
And going through a lot of things
You have so much to attend to
And so many responsibilities to fill in too

But you still spend time with me
And choose to witness my life events
Gives me assurance that you won't leave
And will always be there for me

With all these, let me extend my heartfelt gratitude
You mean so much to me
Just knowing that you are there, always there
I am confident that I will make it through.

Thank you and I love you.

11:30 | 08.12.2016

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