Poetry #13: A Thousand Years

You showed me that you care
And I didn't realize it
You constantly talked to me
But I constantly looked away

You checked on me
While I was busy with my studies
You reminded me to eat
While I was doing my hobbies

You waited for me to call
While I slept tightly 
You always sent messages
But I never took time reading them

You wanted to see me
But I gave so many excuses not to
You invited me to dinner
But I refused and stayed in my room

You loved me for a thousand years
And yet I focused on other things
Maybe I hurt you for a thousand more
Thats why you took a step away far from my shadow

You have faded slowly
Still shows that you care
But you stopped letting me in
Now, in my mind, all I can do is

-replay everything you did.

12:07 | 11.12.2016

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