Poetry #16: Let Things Be

you are brave enough
 to overcome your fears
 to do things that is beyond
 what other thinks

you are strong-willed
 to prove that you can do it
 on your own
 independent from everyone

you embrace change
 rather, is the change
 as you try to experience it
 with courage and self-belief

you enjoy your own company
 do things that you want
 eat food that you like
 and rest when your tired

you let things be
 do not force anything
 just do what makes you happy
 and you feel alright with these

thank you for showing me
 that its ok to be ourselves
 that what they say don't matter
 only what gives us peace and laughter

you inspire me to do what I want
 and just be happy with what I have
 to conquer what's outside
 and be who I really am

-whether they like it or not.

 23:15 | 16.12.2016

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