Poetry #17: Plain Friends

as we sleep
you put your hands around me
held my hands 
and kissed me goodnight

as I get off from work
I found you outside
waiting for me
so we can walk together home

as I wait for my duties to end
you asked me
to have dinner with you
eat sumptuous food together

as we lay down on the bed
we talked about our lives 
our dreams and aspirations
and how we will reach them

while you're at work
I brought you lunch
prepared by my hands
then asked me to go home

while you are looking for a gift
I was hurting so badly
as blood gushed from my toe
but still walked beside you

While you are watching videos
I called for you
asking to bring me to clinic
but you were unavailable

While you are listening to songs
I asked for some help to carry my things
you looked at me and said
'I did not sign up for this'

we were watching tv
you made your lips touch mine
I asked you what was that about
you answered 'nothing'

maybe those were really meaningless
because to you I am just like the rest
and you think that 
this is how it should be

but your actions
dont match what you say
so with this, maybe I should stop
and just be your friend.

just your plain friend.
nothing more, nothing less.

00:15 | 19.12.2016

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