Poetry #19:But

Can you see?
Grey lips and pale face
Hear the hoarse voice
As I struggle to reach for the door

Hands and fingers are shaking
Almost there, an inch away
Another step and a quick grab
Twist and turn then pull the knob


"No" rings in my head, on and on
So I pulled them back to my chest
Turned around, sat at the corner
Sight became hazy, it blinds me

Fingers snapped in front of me
Senses came and I heard it again
Its knocking on the door
Loud, it almost deafens me

Feet walked towards the sound
Though its blaring
it looks bright and proud
So I tried again, to reach for the door

Suddenly, the floor creaks
Murmurs echo
Awful smell stinks
Here and there, everywhere

So i stepped back again
Asking myself of what to do
Listen to the whispers
Or to the banging door

19:24 | 25.12.2016

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