Poetry #23: When In Need

You call me when you need company
 You remember me when you are hungry
 My name pops on your head when you are sick
 You only know me when you are in need

You ask me
 To clean the dirt
 To prepare food
 To buy things

You talk to me when you want to
 But if you are fine, I am nothing to you
 You will ask me to go with you
 But when we walk, you leave me behind

You ask me
 To get things for you
 To comfort you
 To care for you

You ask me to go with you somewhere
 But you would say I am noisy and you don’t want me
 You ask me to buy things for yo
 But complain because it doesn’t suit you

Why do you treat me this way?
 Do I value nothing to you?
 Are you so comfortable to be like this?
 Think through, coz I am having second thoughts too



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