Poetry #25: Dead End

It has ended
We reached the end point 
Of what we have
Of what we had

We took different paths
But we saw each other
At the intersection
Eye to eye we awkwardly smiled

As we crossed the busy street
We met at the centre
And in a snap
Our hands clasped, fingers intertwined

We started walking the same way
Thinking of new journeys together
Planning our life ahead
Ending the days with the arms of each other

There were bumpy roads
Dry bushes and dark nights
All we saw was each others backs
But we end it with our silent hugs

But here we are again
Reached another dead end
Should we jump off of the cliff
Or just take different roads?

Maybe, we should just bid goodbye
We should realize that you and I
Were only meant to be together
Until we reach five

Lets just accept that being together
Is not best for you and me
We will just arrive to the same destination
Over and over until we waste our lifetime

Lets just stop
Our heartbreaks should be enough
Thank you for everything
I hope not to see you again.

18:26 | 11.02.2017

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