Poetry #25: To Any Gem

Darling be true
Dont hide, just be you
No matter what you do
You cant put yourself in others shoe

Be yourself, they dare
I know its hard but just dont care
Open your heart, let it bare
Out in the sun, take over the lair

Let your colours burst
Dont think that you are cursed
For your beauty is not forced
You are unique, not the worst

Unveil your heart's desire
It's alright, let it be on fire
Inner joy, Let yourself acquire
Don't worry it will not backfire.

Do what you think is fair
Even if others may glare
Someone like you is rare
You make people stare

Be courageous with whatever you choose
You are a winner even if they say you lose
To any gem, you are more precious
Walk with pride, don't be jealous

Smile, my love, smile
You still have a long way so take heart
Never give up on yourself, do whats right
You are you so never ever dim your light.

hp101191 | 22:28 | 02/03/2017 | AMK, SG

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