Poetry #28: Worlds

We create worlds
Where we can lose ourselves
We discover inner treasures
Which we never knew existed

In these worlds
We do magical things
We are able to make a flower bloom
A tree grow, a rain pour and make the first snow fall

We become heroes who have all the super powers
The intellects who never fail to be curious 
The artist whose passion never dies
The one who everyone wish who they were

We separate worlds
According to emotions
We don't clash negatives to positives
We keep reality and desires apart

We become who we wanted to be
The person who others doubted
No excuses, no irrelevant opinions
Just what makes our hearts flutter

We don't beg time to stop
To savour moments that wont last
We stay young and active as we are
We never grow old because our hearts are forever young

But there's a world that we dont visit that much
Its darker than the night
No yellows, no greens, no red
Only blue, not a colour but a mood

Sometimes we enter this world unconsciously
From multicolored to blank
But sometimes we go in on our own accord
To see things' worth and out purpose

We create worlds
To keep our values intact
To keep our behaviour on track
To keep our peace within

Because in the world 
Where violence touches the ground
When nobody cares, even those who are around
What matters is what they say

Our wonderful mind, soul and body
Somewhere, seek refuge and serenity 
Freedom over carastrophe
So We closed our eyes, and here we are in our infinity.

Countless worlds, we have made to live our dreams
We will never cease to create, 
Because this is what keep us sane
In this existence full of haze.

hp101191 | 08:04 | 20.05.2017 | AMK,SG

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