Poetry #29: Oh, Summer

Summer has left me hanging
Sun kissed skin slowly fading
From amber to white
I am alone again for the nth time

Its warmth is unwrapping
I can feel winter is coming
I tried owning this season
But its no use, im still here abandoned

Its time to cover my naked body
Hide these blemishes with coat
Zip it tight, so coldness won't come in
Stay locked in and bother not to go out

Why do you always have to go?
Then come back when I like how things go?
Why do you convince me to believe in you?
When you know that your gonna leave me too?

For a hundred days, you keep me inside
But for a trimester, you let me become a stone in and out
Your pricking heat feels so good
You make me want you even more

Oh Summer, see you..
when you decided to hold me again.

hp101191 | 20:13 | 12.06.17 | Sembs, SG



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