Poetry #38 : Monster

Its inside of you
Its calling your name
Asking for attention 
Reminding you of what you’ve been through

You closed your eyes
You covered your ears
You shut your mouth
To tame the disturbed beast

You sealed it with kisses
You tied it with flowers
But it only gets stronger
You can’t hold any longer

‘Hush’ you say
Pleaded to calm down
But it refused to stay
So you tried to hear what it has to say

‘Put me into words,
Let them know about me,
I will scream on their faces,
Kick these fuckin’ bitches

Don’t hide me in the dark,
Give me freedom
Or I will become water
Then air will soon take its absence’

Its words were evitable
So you decided to let it have its way
Breathing heavily
You let go of the monster

You caressed dearly.

hp101191 | 22:48 | 14.10.2017 | LP, PH

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